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What is Great Canadian Wrestling?
Great Canadian Wrestling (GCW) is an Oshawa, Ontario-based independent wrestling company driven to create compelling storylines for its fans to follow and interact with. Since its inauguration in 2005, the platform that GCW has created offers local wrestling talent a place to perform and presents the fans with a regional source for wrestling entertainment as an alternative to the mainstream companies. GCWs small shows and local presence give individuals a unique opportunity to recognize themselves as being part of the show.
What is GCW Backstage Pass?
With the creation of their latest vision, GCW looks to strengthen the commitment of their local fans, while expanding their market by offering the GCW Backstage Pass online community. Interaction between fans is the key to this online portal and is seen as a great motivator for following the ongoing storylines of the company. The areas of functionality to provide this interaction include creating a personal profile, sharing media files, one-on-one and group discussions and an online multi-player fantasy game.